Summer Art Exercises: June 23 – Mix It Up! (Color Mixing)

Mix It Up!  (Color Mixing)

Color chips

The more we mix the quicker we become at mixing. Seems like an obvious statement but as obvious as it may be a lot of us forget to practice over the summer! So a quick exercise this week is to do just that, MIX! 

Sharpen your color mixing skills by mixing and matching to the two colors above! Begin with seeing what dominant color you notice most (especially if it is one that you can't mix, like a primary color). For example, if you see yellow next ask yourself if that yellow is a warm yellow (like an Azo Yellow Deep) or a cool yellow (like a Lemon Yellow). Then ask yourself what additional colors do you see in the paint chip, add those, etc. until your pile of mixed paint matches the chip.

Color mixing to match a paint chip is a great and quick way to keep your color mixing skills sharp throughout the year. You can even use this exercise as a quick warm up before painting. Collect paint chips and practice mixing!

Want to push yourself even more? Paint a small daily painting incorporating these two colors that you beautifully mixed and matched!

Stay cool!

Braitman Studio Staff

P.S. Braitman Studio workshops start this week! If you are attending we can't wait to see you and if not be on the lookout for snapshots and updates from these two great workshops! We have plenty more workshops coming up, please visit the link below to learn more!