Summer Art Exercises: June 16 – Daily Painting Exercise

Daily Painting Exercise


Daily painting practice by students Sybil and Barbara led by instructor Kelley Brugh

Daily painting is a wonderful way to build confidence with your brushwork. This week's Summer Art Exercise is to pick a photograph with a simple subject and execute a small (small being sizes anywhere from about an 8x10 - 12x16 canvas) daily painting in 2-3 hours. Your goal is to capture the scene in the fewest strokes possible! The whole objective is to learn how to "suggest" objects in your painting rather than to describe them (to learn more about suggestion, view the June 2 Summer Art Exercise: The Art of Suggestion).


1) Start your clock and sketch your chosen composition on your canvas (with charcoal or paint with turpentine)!

2) Mix ALL of the colors and values that you see and the amount of paint that you will need for the ENTIRE painting! You will allow yourself to have more creative freedom on the canvas by not having to work on a section and then having to switching gears to mix more paint.

3) On your mark, get set, PAINT! :) Remember, 2-3 strokes and get more paint! Suggestion over description!

Happy painting and enjoy the instant gratification of completing a painting in one sitting!

Braitman Studio Staff

P.S. Want more instruction or more experience building your brushwork through daily painting and/or know of a teen interested in developing their art skills this summer? Call 704.846.1369 to sign up for our June workshops! Kelley Brugh's "Still Life and Daily Painting: Building Exciting Brushwork" workshop and the unique "Teen and Portfolio Camp" workshop both take place NEXT WEEK from June 25-27!