Figure Drawing & Painting


Working from a live, nude model, we will be using innovative techniques and media to draw and paint abstracted interpretations of the human form. Understanding of the fundamentals of painting is recommended. This class is based on group instruction.

This class will apply a creative approach to working with the figure. We will investigate the suggestion of the human form through line, form, paint, drawing, and mixed media. There will be a live model every week.

Bring Sketchbook, canvas, and paint every week

Prerequisites: Fundamentals I and Fundamentals II

Basic Supplies Required:

Azo Red Light


Azo Yellow Lemon

Azo Yellow Deep

Pthalo Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Burnt Sienna

Large Tube of Mixed White 

Liquin (small bottle)

Palette Knife

Stretched Canvas


Suggested Supplies:


Vine Charcoal

XL Jumbo Charcoal

Compressed Charcoal

18x24 Charcoal Paper

Gum Eraser

Spray Fixative

andy braitman