Advanced Painting: Upcoming Professionals


This mixture of group and individually instructed course is for artists who are interested in creating a professional body of work. Whether your work be landscapes, figurative, or non-representational, you will be challenged to develop AND MAINTAIN AN INDIVIDUAL style.  We will examine and employ self-critiquing skills; ways of thinking that can make a painting successful. Replacing the detail of the photograph and discovering the elements Eye movement, counter point, and palette control. The true joy of creating an image.   

This class will be focused on getting you to the next level of your painting career. It will be less Focus on image-making and more about approach. We will also talk about studio maintenance etc as an artist/profession. As it is in all painting, there exists a balance between the performance of known skills and techniques and the genuine exploration and introduction of new ideas, techniques, skills. This class will push you to realize this separation.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals I, Fundamentals II, Landscape OR Fundamentals III, and Intermediate Painting.

Perfect choice for artists committed to develop and grow as professionals but do not have an opportunity to paint outside of the studio as much.

At this stage of the game Braitman Art Studio can offer an opportunity to start your own professional website running.

Basic Supplies Required:  Full palette of colors

1.      Cadmium Orange

2.      Magenta

3.      Azo Red Deep

4.      Stil de Grain

5.      Cadmium Yellow Lemon

6.      Cadmium Yellow Medium

7.      Phthalo Blue

8.      Ultramarine Blue

9.      Burnt Sienna

10.  Large Tube of Mixed White (Permalba or Utrecht)

 My Optional Colors Include:

1.      Courbet Green

2.      Transparent Yellow Oxide

3.      Van Gogh Violet

4.      Winton Phthalo Turquoise

5.      Raw Umber

6.      Spanish Earth

Liquin (small bottle)

Stand Oil

Lindseed Oil


Palette Knives

Thick Gesso

Gesso brush

A full set of brushes


andy braitman