Master Class: Advanced Painting


This is an opportunity to help today’s landscape painter find a contemporary and personal face to their work. We will accent on simplifying our image and developing a uniqueness of application and palette. We will work to make design and presentation, expression and mechanics, simplification and minimalism the content of our painting.

in this class I will focus on making art with paint--regardless of the objects in the panting we will focus on creating authentic subjects within the painting. As it is in all painting, there exists a balance between the performance of known skills and techniques and the genuine exploration and introduction of new ideas, techniques, skills. This class will push you to realize this separation and to create pieces that develop your ability to be creative even while performing your skills. You will need to bring prepared surfaces to class as well as completed and problem pieces for critique.

The Master Class requirements are as follows:

You must paint for at least 10 hours per week outside of structured classes. (You must transport your work to and from the studio between classes to continue working on them during the interim).

You must have previous professional training.

You must have been painting for at least 5 years.

Artists with a professional website and/or gallery representation are strongly encouraged to apply.

Supplies Needed:

Full Palette of Colors (we will go over your paints and supplies to check for quality)

Basic Supplies Required:  Full palette of colors

1.      Cadmium Orange

2.      Magenta

3.      Azo Red Deep

4.      Stil de Grain

5.      Cadmium Yellow Lemon

6.      Cadmium Yellow Medium

7.      Phthalo Blue

8.      Ultramarine Blue

9.      Burnt Sienna

10.    Large Tube of Mixed White (Permalba or Utrecht)

 My Optional Colors Include:

1.      Courbet Green (Williamsburg has it)

2.      Transparent Yellow Oxide

3.      Dioxazine Purple

4.      Winton Phthalo Turquoise

5.      Raw Umber

6.      Spanish Earth

liquid Medium of your choice or

Liquin (small bottle)

Stand Oil

Lindseed Oil


Thick Gesso (Cheap Joe’s green lable)

Gesso brush

A full set of brushes (mostly Richeson wash brushes) a few flats and filberts medium to small for detail

Empty jars with lids

Empty tins


Palette knives and straight edges


andy braitman