Advanced Modern Painting


During this course the entire visual medium will be explored; putting the brush to canvas isn't the only thing you will experience in this class. Whether it be flipping the canvas upside down or abandoning the brush you will be challenged to see mediums in a way you hadn't thought of before. 

Supplies Needed:

Full Palette of Colors (we will go over your paints and supplies to check for quality)

Basic Supplies Required:  Full palette of colors

1.      Cadmium Orange

2.      Magenta

3.      Azo Red Deep

4.      Stil de Grain

5.      Cadmium Yellow Lemon

6.      Cadmium Yellow Medium

7.      Pthalo Blue

8.      Ultramarine Blue

9.      Burnt Sienna

10.    Large Tube of Mixed White (Permalba or Utrecht)

 My Optional Colors Include:

1.      Gorbet Green

2.      Transparent Yellow Oxide

3.      Van Gogh Violet

4.      Winton Pthalo Turquoise

5.      Raw Umber

6.      Spanish Earth

Liquin (small bottle)

Stand Oil

Lindseed Oil


Thick Gesso

Gesso brush

Some aggregate (kyanite, pumice, etc.)

A full set of brushes (mostly Richeson wash brushes) a few flats and filberts medium to small for detail

Empty jars with lids

Empty tins


Paper towels

Paint stirrers

Palette knives and straight edges


andy braitman