Helpful Hints: Ripped Painting Repair

1.            Get  a small section of canvas as close to the same thickness as possible to the damaged canvas 2.            buy or acquire some Golden “light moulding paste”

3.            size the small (repair) canvas to closely fit the size and length of the rip

4.            from the front of the painting place the torn edges of the canvas and paint so as to hide the rip

5.            then turn the painting over so that you can work and support the canvas so that you can apply pressure to the back of the painting and not let the surface bend

6.            liberally apply the light moulding paste to the back of the painting and to the raw (ungessoed) side of the repair canvas

7.            place the wet (pasted up) side of the repair canvas to the wet (pasted up) back of the painting

8.            squeegee from the center of the repair canvas toward the edges with a plastic putty knife

9.            squeegee from the center out all along the rip in both directions

10.          turn the painting over again and carefully wipe any moulding paste that has seeped through

11.          let dry over night

12.          re-hang painting