Summer Art Exercises: Painting 30 (EDGE CONTROL)

Light at the Water's Edge by Andy Braitman Oil on Canvas 40 x 40 inches Today is the very last Summer Art Exercise for 2014 by Braitman Studio. We hope that you have enjoyed working on each of these exercises. (Let us know if you have by commenting below or on our Facebook!) We know that if you have practiced with even a few of these studies it has really helped you gain knowledge and also confidence in your artwork.

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Summer Art Exercise #30:

The final exercise is to distract they eye by creating a pattern or surface away from the edge but still in the shape. This is similar to exercise #24 but with a more specific distraction placement.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and thank you for being a part of the Braitman Studio community. Stay in touch with us through our Blog, Facebook and Pinterest pages!

The Braitman Studio Staff