Summer Art Exercises: June 2 - The Art of Suggestion

Welcome to Braitman Studio's Summer Art Exercises!

andyWhile we know summer is for relaxing beachside we also wanted to give you a weekly art exercise to help you keep your mind sharp and your creativity flowing!

This week's exercise is to read poetry, especially before you go to bed. Why start with reading instead of creating?! Well, poetry is a beautiful example of how to "suggest" objects, moments, etc. rather than to fully describe them. In our artwork we want to act as poets and suggest objects such as trees, boats and grass rather than describe every detail of them, like a police report. In the execution of suggestion we engage the viewer more by allowing them to have a more visually stimulating experience filling in the blanks themselves.

By reading poetry we are opening our minds to the power of suggestion, which will help inspire us to be more suggestive and creative in our artwork. Think about a Haiku poem - in just a few lines we get a great deal of suggested information!

Don't know where to start reading? Researching poems by poets such as Edgar Allen Poe and Walt Whitman are a great place to start!

Happy reading and happy summer!

Braitman Studio