Summer Art Exercises: August 11 – One Idea, Four Different Ways

One Idea, Four Different Ways
The first step in this week's exercise is to either set up a still life or find a photograph you would like to paint. Next you will need to get a piece of canvas paper and tape it off so that it is broken into four smaller sections (see the photograph above).
In each of these quadrants you are going to devise four different compositions of the same idea (still life or photograph of your choice). You either can work from one color palette in each of the four sections or push yourself further by mixing a different palette for each of the four sections. This is a great way to practice bigger thumbnail sketches and color studies to find the most successful compositions and color palettes to paint from before you even hit the canvas! By challenging yourself to paint the same thing four different ways your understanding of both creative compositions and color mixing will grow immensely!
Happy Sunday!
Braitman Studio Staff