Braitman Studio's 2015 Summer Art Exercises: #1 DRAMA

IMG_4809 Welcome to Braitman Studio’s 2015 Summer Art Exercises! We have broken the summer (June - August) into weekly exercises that are meant to help you stay creative and paint over the summer. These exercises include still life paintings, landscape paintings, color studies, value studies, brushwork exercises and ends in a complete six week follow-the-leader painting series. Sign up for the Braitman Studio Blog by clicking here to receive our weekly summer lessons directly in your inbox!

We encourage you to participate in these exercises and we invite you to also come paint with us in our summer Tuesday classes and three day workshops! Click here to learn more. Our workshops are filling quickly so email today to sign up for your workshop(s) of choice.

We will begin our Summer Art Exercises by exploring the “Seven Ds.” If you were in class this year, you probably remember us discussing some of these “Ds” and if not, we will catch you up. Each of the next seven weeks we will be focusing our lessons on understanding the “Seven Ds:” DRAMA, DECEIT, DISTANCE, DARK, DENSITY, DESGIN and DECOLOR.

Today we will begin with DRAMA. One way to create drama in a painting is create a composition with a very strong value contrast. Above is a photo of a simple still life with a very dramatic light source. Let’s focus on controlling our values and creating a dramatic painting using this photograph as our muse. Remember, value trumps color in importance for this exercise!

Good luck!

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