QC Exclusive Magazine: Andy Braitman & Co.


Congratulations to our very own Andy Braitman for his GREAT feature article in the QC Exclusive magazine this month! The article includes fantastic photographs and an interesting write-up about Andy and Braitman Studio. Pick up a magazine to read and enjoy today. We also have copies here at Braitman Studio if you wish to come by and check us out! We are very lucky to have such a talented artist, teacher and person leading us here at Braitman Studio. Thank you QC Exclusive magazine for your beautiful work on this special article.

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"Artist and instructor Andy Braitman leads the way for our city, guiding Charlotte's art scene toward the national recognition it truly deserves."





"There are very few straight lines in nature, so when you see them it is likely that they are man made. It seems that those straight lines always fail in the face of nature. I like to find that place where straight lines begin to erode and try to play with the random chaos of nature and the attempted control when man takes hold of it."



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