Artists to Know: Viktor Sheleg

Victor Sheleg was born in 1962 in Lomonosov, near Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia. His childhood and youth spent in Liepaja, Latvia, where he lives now. He has been painting since he was 12. Victor mastered the profession of an Artist independently, by studying the World History of Art, accumulating his personal experience in painting. In 1995, art scientists of Art gallery “Ars Moderna”, assisted by artist himself, founded and presented a new trend of fine art, called “expressive synthetism”, based on Victor Sheleg’s works. Expressiveness achieved with the help of grotesque forms, liberal lines and accented color spots correspond to definition “expressive”. Notion of “synthesis” contains material, subconscious feeling and personality of the artist himself and realization of emotions grounded on analysis of the surrounding world and sense of own ego in this world. Sheleg's Awesome website worth checking out if you have a moment: