Artists to Know: Kate Vasseur

Kate Vasseur is a small business owner and local artists who graduated from Elon University with a BFA in Art. She is currently the owner and permanent artists at Studio K here in Charlotte, NC. Studio K is a working studio and gallery in the heart of Elizabeth. It is a place to find and be surrounded by "All Things Creative." She is most interested in "exploring the world with creative eyes and appreciation. Curating life's surroundings and the daily finds from operating a working studio and gallery." ...Couldn't have said it any better, Kate.

Kate's work is like a poem full of esoteric allusions. It's almost like she's sharing a secret with her audience, but only as a whisper. Her striking imagery and playful handling of materials help to create an environment that all audiences can enjoy. Each piece of Kate's pays extreme attention to detail (possibly due to her design background), everything is deliberate and nothing is left neglected. If Kate is up for sharing visual secrets, I can't wait to hear more...

If you are interested in seeing more of Kate's work:

And Studio K's blog can be found here too: