Artists to Know: Bailey Doogan

This week's Artists to Know is Bailey Doogan due to her ability to build up volume and contrast without much color. Bailey Doogan’s body of work includes film, three dimensional constructions and primarily, painting and drawing. She received her BFA in 1963 from Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and an MA in Animated Film from UCLA, Los Angeles in 1977. Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited in diverse solo and group venues including: The New Museum of Contemporary Art, and Alternative Museum (solo and group), NY, NY; The Hillwood Museum, Long Island, NY; Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, and The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, California; The Nelson Fine Arts Center, Arizona State University, The Phoenix Museum, The University of Arizona Museum of Art, Arizona; The San Antonio Museum, Texas; Speed Museum, Kentucky; Etherton Gallery, Tucson; and the J. Claramunt, Jayne H. Baum and ACA Galleries, New York, NY.

Check out more on her website at: