Fundmentals III

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This group and individually instructed class is about learning to draw for the purpose of painting. It will pick up where Fundamentals II leaves off and continue to build on the foundations of painting. Paint application and color theory will be introduced during this course. Your instructor will challenge you to begin thinking creatively about your work and use the techniques you've learned to develop your own personal style. This class is ideal for someone wishing to explore thinking abstract at a beginner level. You will also have the opportunity to create goals for continuing your education into our upper level courses. This is a 12 week course; enrolling in multiple sessions is encouraged but not required.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals I

Basic Supplies Required:

Azo Red Light


Azo Yellow Lemon

Azo Yellow Deep

Pthalo Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Burnt Sienna

Large Tube of Mixed White 

Liquin (small bottle)

Palette Knife

Stretch Canvas


Suggested Supplies:

Vine Charcoal

XL Jumbo Charcoal

Compressed Charcoal

18x24 Charcoal Paper

Gum Eraser

Spray Fixative

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