Fundamentals I


This is our introduction and foundation class for all new students to Braitman Studio. During this 12 week course, the student will be introduced to the methods and materials that will be used in oil painting.  Students will learn how to set-up a palette, mix colors, and draw from life. A still life painting and landscape painting will be completed along with one additional painting. Special emphasis will be placed on the painting process, such as starting with a thumbnail sketch, through the finished painting. This class will help students achieve understanding of materials and techniques required before advancing into the next Fundamentals course. 

You will be given a palette knife and a basic set of brushes at the first class.  Paints will be provided for the first 4 weeks.  You will need to purchase your own set of oil paints and painting medium for the remaining 8 weeks at an approximate cost of $70.  A supply list will be provided.

The kit includes the following:


ULTRAMARINE BLUE                              

PHTHALO BLUE                                      

CADMIUM YELLOW LEMON                              

CADMIUM YELLOW DEEP                                       

CADMIUM RED LIGHT                           


BURNT SIENNA                                       


PALETTE KNIFE:          RGM Italian Plus Painting Knife #5

BRUSHES:                     Princeton Bright 12 or 10, Filbert 8, Bright 6

11x14 CANVAS

EXPO Markers

1/2 Sheet 18x24 Canvas Paper



andy braitman