Braitman Studio’s 2015 Summer Art Exercises: #13 Follow-the-Leader Step 6

Balance at the Water's Edge by Andy Braitman, 40x40, Oil on canvas Today is the very last of Braitman Studio’s Summer Art Exercises! Thank you for participating in these fun creative projects! We hope to see you this fall at Braitman Studio, click here to learn more about what classes we have to offer you!

Today we will begin by pulling on color and value into and across the colors and values directly underneath it. Use the verticals of the tree shapes to merge the edges of each shape: cool mid-tone across the warm light, cool dark across the cool mid-tone, warm mid-tone across warm light, warm dark across warm mid-tone.

At the very end, use a rubber tipped tool to draw shapes and place some more chaotic and pure color into the edges and centers of each shape. You can continue to develop this painting as much as you wish, anything you add from here on is just “the jewelry” of the painting!

Great work and come paint with us this fall!

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