Braitman Staff and Instructor Introductions and Reintroductions

Jade Battle & Rachel Levi If you have any questions about material sales, class scheduling, enrollment, billing, or where you’re supposed to be, one of these ladies probably has the answer!  You will usually find one or both of them behind the front desk when you come into the studio.


Allison Chambers, Mary MacMillan, Becky Denmark

One of these three talented painters will introduce newcomers to the skills and joys of painting.   Using a method of fundamentals instruction that they have developed over the years, they are nurturing, patient, and supportive as brand new painters take their first colorful steps.  


Nicholas Stewart, Ian Wegener, Michele Hoffman

Nic, Ian, and Michele have created a spectacular program for teens.  There is usually a class opener and a clothed model to teach the skills of drawing from life.  We also have a very open-ended classroom style that allows our teen artists to explore his or her creativity while being guided through solid foundation-building processes.  Let’s not forget that we also have a ton of FUN with these three instructors and our teen students!!


Nicholas Stewart, Allison Chambers, Andy Braitman

Our adult instruction is based on a multilayered approach to studio painting.  While we are patient and helpful with each artist, we also seek to help the artist grow.  

“ I want each artist to feel that we are assisting in developing a unique and individual painting approach and style.”   -Andy Braitman


Fall 2016 Resident Artists

Rachel Linnett & Julia Lawing

If you should see one or two very talented ladies set up at permanent easels in the back of your class, you have probably spotted either Rachel or Julia.  These brave ladies are our resident artists for the fall session and they will be painting 3 and 4 days a week at the studio to expand their abilities and challenge their concepts about painting.  These are our local heroes for the season.