Individually Curated Learning is available for those looking for focused one on one instruction

With Andy Braitman and Nicholas Stewart




Directed Study -- Flexible Painting Workshops  

We are very happy to offer a structured multiple or single day concentrated painting workshop.   You select the day, days, week, or concurrent weeks in which you are interested in coming into the studio and we do the rest.   

This option is available 9:00 – 4:00, Monday through Thursday any week that the studio is open.  

Tuesday is a long day, 9:00 a.m.—9:00 p.m.,

Monday morning is our abstract figure class.  The cost for this on-going opportunity is $25/hour, $130/day or $480/week

Individualized course details:

  • We will meet with you and discuss just what it is that you wish to accomplish and together we structure a plan for you to follow.  

  • You may simply choose to participate in every class that we offer for the duration of your self-directed  course.  

  • We give periodic critiques throughout your painting day or days while at the studio.

  • For full day, we meet with you at the start, at lunch, and at the conclusion of each painting day, in order to discuss adjustments to your plan and assess your progress.

  • If you desire, we will also provide our written proposal to you with check-off points so that you may chart your growth while here and are able to continue your growth after you leave.  

  • We also encourage you to text or email your pieces for critique for the month following your personal course.

  • These Workshops are ideal for those wishing to come to Braitman Studio from another town, city, or country to take advantage of our unique studio experience.  Even if you are a current artist at Braitman Studio and wish a jump start, want to work on a particular project or concern, we will accommodate you.

  • The cost for this on-going course opportunity is $25/hour, $130/day or $480/week.

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