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Andy's Summer Drop In Classes In these summer classes, you can come paint in the studio without pre-registering. You will bring all the materials that you are familiar with and work on your own personal projects. An instructor will be available for questions and specific direction - you can even request a curriculum just for you! Come paint with us in this environment of self-discovery.
Creative Concepts in Painting We have re-defined this course as a 'boot camp' or a work-out painting class. Three classes each month will be devoted to one-day paintings that are from life. This course is focused on advanced painting techniques and concepts. It is intended to improve the artist's brush work, paint application, and confidence. The fourth class each month will be devoted to in-process work and individual critiques. Students must be actively painting outside of Braitman Studio Art School to stay on schedule with the class. This class caps at 12 students.
Creative Figure Working from a live nude model, we will be using innovative techniques and media. Our goal in this class is the art work and process rather that traditional accuracy. **There will be a model fee for this class.
Intermediate Painting Students will continue to build their painting skills and reinforce concepts learned in Painting Fundamentals. Each class begins with a lecture identifying the day's focus. Topics such as paint-mixing, composition, brushstroke, choice of background colors, achieving distance, and finishing a painting will be covered.
Landscape This Intermediate level course will explore many contemporary painting ideas and address varied methods and designs. This course will cover many contemporary concepts and/or landscape approaches. Color-information-application are the mantra used to inspire and direct this fascinating class. Artists provide their own canvases. This class caps at 12 students.
Modern Art In this class we will explore advanced painting techniques, approaches, and methods not covered in our regular painting classes. This is a hybrid between abstract, concrete imaging, and daily painting classes. Each student will have the opportunity to explore the painting process from idea to concept to execution. Unleash your creativity through concept, exploration, application, and presentation. This class caps at 18 students.
Open Painting This is a student directed class. In this on-going class the student arrives with his/her own ideas, concerns, and needs. We address each of these and together construct an individual direction that meets these goals. This class is ideal for the student that may wish to have more autonomy and control over their art class instruction.
Painting Fundamentals I & II .
Painting Fundamentals II In this second-level Introductory class students learn with special emphasis placed on the different stages of the painting process such as thumbnail sketch through finished painting. Color value and color mixing will be stressed. Second-session artists are expected to provide their own brushes and canvases for this class.
Painting Fundamentals I Painting Fundamentals I is our foundation class. This is an introduction to the methods and materials that will be used in oil painting. Students will learn how to set-up a palette, mix colors, and draw from-life. Students must have an understanding of materials and techniques before advancing into Painting Fundamentals II and this class will help them achieve that. (*All supplies including: paints, canvases and your first set of brushes, are included in Monthly Tuition)
Surface and Material Explore creating different surfaces with various materials in this new 2015 class!
Teen Class - 9th--12th grades Painting, drawing, printmaking, clay and more! For artists ages 13-18. This class offers serious art instruction in a working artists' studio. Figure drawing is not mandatory but it is always encouraged, as an appropriately attired model will be present for each class. Students are challenged individually and allowed to grow at their own pace.

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